August 23 2020 – Nicole Shai




So excited to be at this point where I can share NS Beauty with the world! NS Beauty was created for the not-so-average female who likes to take care of herself and takes pride in looking good all day, everyday (aka me!) 

NS stands for my name and I added beauty to it because the beauty industry is where I plan to leave my footprint. Although I am making beauty products, I am NOT a make up guru, but I do enjoy getting made up so when I buy beauty products I always have specific must-haves that I take with me when I go out. When it comes to my beauty style, I have a like for the same shades or styles because I know it will suit me. But I always find myself buying the same shades of lipglosses and eyelash styles all from different brands just to see which one I will like the most. Between me and you, this can get pretty expensive after a while! And then I had a lightbulb moment - Why not make your own beauty products for yourself so you can save your coin sis? And then I got to work.

When I started out, I really had no clue on what and how I'm going to create my products but once I got the thorough research out of the way, I was ready to begin. When I created this first collection, it was inspired by the items that I have in my handbag or what I would use when I get ready for a night out. And from this, I wanted to share these gems with other beauties so we can all glow together! I know that my beauty must-haves may not be your beauty must-haves but what I can guarantee is that you'll like them anyway! 

When I wear my products I feel confident, beautiful and free to look exactly how I want to look because that's my style. I want everyone who uses NS beauty products to feel the same way. Every style of eyelashes, colour of lipgloss and shade of body glow I created was thought about and made with detail.

NS BEAUTY wasn't made to be just another beauty brand, but a brand that represents quality, unique products that stand out and will eventually be a brand to look out for. We don't compare ourselves to any other brand out there but we take inspiration from them and flip it 360. This is what I designed and created NS Beauty for & the type of people I want to attract to this brand are the ones who slay everyday! 

As well as making beauty products for you all, I will be reviewing some of my favourite products from other brands that I have been using so you guys can be in the know of what is out there. So make sure you subscribe to the mailing list to get all the info and news about the latest product drops and a whole lot more! 

- NS X

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