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NS Beauty | Never Shy Beauty was founded by NS, a solo female entrepreneur based in the UK who has a passion for beauty and  a goal to make a unique mark within the industry. She became inspired by global make-up brands that she uses for her looks which led to creating her own handmade cosmetics that represent her make-up beauty style. 

She had a vision in mind to develop products made for the beauty lovers who  embrace beauty in their own way. Whether that's somebody who must complete their make-up look with a high-shine lipgloss (just like her) or wearing strip lashes that are subtle enough to run errands with while being make up free. The goal is to make you feel and look your best when you wear NSB and NEVER BE SHY when it comes to the expression of beauty. 

NS Beauty has so much more to offer and will continually evolve as a cosmetics brand whilst still being a service to all beauty lovers around the world. Most importantly, NS hopes to inspire those who have found a love or passion for something they care about: “Do it now, Thank yourself later!” - NS